A couple’s hot scenes on the beach during Carnival is the latest Brazilian meme

Her name might not be known, but the hot scenes that the housewife starred in Rio das Ostras, north of Rio, during Carnival, were seen by thousands of people on the internet. Now, the housewife is having a hard time proving that they had sex on the beach and ponders suing YouTube if the video is not taken down.

In an interview with for the newspaper ‘Extra’, Wanderléa gave details of the moment that made her nationally famous. According to the housewife, she was with her children – a pair of twins aged 9 – at the beach and met a boy. “We were drinking beer on the beach and then we went into the water. We just talked,” she said.

According to Wanderléa, what happened in the water was only a kiss, which cost her dearly. But you are wrong if you think that the absurd story ends here. The story of “Extra” newspaper found also that the housewife has a companion named Max. He has not seen the video but decided to forgive his girlfriend.

After 15 minutes of involuntary fame Wanderléa now only thinks about going with her life. Known as “Cicarelli of Rio das Ostras,” she said she already has a lawyer to sue Youtube.

On an interview to Jornal O Dia, she does not hide her face but still denies she had sex on the beach. The original video has already been removed from Youtube but it keeps coming back to the website in several ways.

Just so you, Cicarelli is a famous brazilian model that also had a video online of her having a relation on the beach in Spain.

See the video for yourself and let us know… did she do it or not?

With the way brazilians are, it didn’t take long for the video to go viral also because of the comments during the video. The group that was filming was making comments like “Carai, ta balançando a roseira mesmo!” Which could be translated as “They are really rocking the rosebush!” or “Chama a Tia Lúcia” when one of them asks someone to call Aunt Lucia to see. The phrases became memes and a website about it was created: http://sexonthebeachriodasostras.tumblr.com/

Picture: Paulo Alvadia / Agência O Dia

This video by the Extra newspaper shows the police arresting her after they came out of the water. The crowd goes wild!

Even more recent is the video where she came public to give her explanations on what happened.