Professional soccer players go hungry in Brazil… and fail to get health assistance

The news are sad and require reflection: Players of America-SE, a soccer club in Sergipe, northeast of Brazil, almost fainted during a match of the state tournament. The reason? Hunger. Without proper nutrition for a professional athlete (biscuit and pastel only), the defender and the striker of the team almost fainted after the duel against Confiança, in March.
The players also had a hard time to receive care. As the two ambulances had left the stadium, as well as the doctor from Confiança (America did not have a doctor), and they had to wait for a Samu ambulance, the Braziian Public health system, which took about 50 minutes.
Basically, the lack of infrastructure affects us at all. Samu and the whole Brazil Public Health System, for example, is chaotic throughout Brazil. The waiting time on average in the poorest areas, is over 30 minutes – remembering that in Brazil, amazingly, there is no legislation that determines the service time.
The situation of players of America-SE is humiliating. Athletes who dream of winning in the profession and who undergo the risk of acting without the least security. For lack of planning, money, nutritionist, the club champions of the second division in Sergipe, work by force.
This situation illustrate how the country operates. Don’t expect to get health assistance during the World Cup or the Olympics in Brazil. They might make things better for these two events, but the public service and the private network too do not work well. Both are always full and busy. So where do you go?