Angolan government bans “brazilian for profit evangelical churches”

The government of Angola has banned most Brazilian evangelical churches in the country. According to the government, they practice “false advertising” and “take advantage of the weaknesses of the Angolan people”, besides not having state recognition.

“Most of the evangelical churches in Angola are of Brazilian origin, and this is a problem, they play to the weaknesses of the Angolan people and make false advertising,” said a secretary Angolan government, which concluded, “They are just a business. ”

About 15% of Angola’s population is evangelical, that slice has grown, according to the government. The churches await an acknowledgment to return to work, but many may not receive it. According to the government, the strength of the Brazilian evangelical churches in Angola raises concern. “They are deceiving people, they are a business, it is more than obvious, they are selling miracles.”

Apparently the angolan government sees what the brazilian government fails to see or care. These churches are just money makes taking advantage of the poor and weak.

To find out more about braziian for profit churche, click here.   Just recently the owner of Universal church was profiled at Forbes most rich Brazilians. Churches don’t pay taxes in Brazil and they are a business there more than everywhere!

Source: Folha de Sao Paulo