Foreigners fighting over favela property in Rio de Janeiro

A German businessman took advantage of the absence of its Austrian owner, to take back the Pousada(inn) Alto Vidigal, located on the hills of the pacified favela of the Vidigal in Rio de Janeiro. The attack occurred during the night in September 2012. The German invaded the property and expelled employees and guests on the grounds that he was the real owner of the site. He even changed the locks of the house and threw away the belongings of the Austrian, who was then in his homeland. Employees of the German guy occupy the hostel since.

The war between the two foreigners ended up at the police station. According to the sheriff, the German claims that he never sold the land to the Austrian and that the signatures on the documents of purchase and sale of the lot are forged. Because it is a crime whose punishment is less than two years in prison, the sheriff referred the case to the Special Criminal Court, which must decide who will get possession of the property.

The German businessman is accused of breaking into the property after unsuccessful attempts to regain ground both in court and through contacts by email with the Austrian guy, who had no interest in selling the property. After the invasion, the Austrian returned to Brazil to try to regain the inn. By accusing the German, he presents documents of purchase of the land in Vidigal for R$ 20,000, dated of February 2010. The Austrian says he reformed the entire property to transform it into an inn. Since returning to Brazil, he didnt go to the inn for fear of retaliation.

Neighbors say the German businessman has sought to regain possession of other properties sold in early 2010. According to them, they were 37 properties. According to one local resident who declined to be identified, the businessman offered R$ 150,000 for his house and was unwilling to pay the asking price of R$ 250,000.

Some commented that the German guy sold several properties in the slum, before police occupation that brought peace to the slum, and now with the valuation of the properties, he tries to take back ownership of them.

The Morro do Vidigal which is very well located between the middle class neighborhoods of Leblon and Sao Conrado and is very well located on the seafront has been sought after by Brazilians and tourists seeking properties for investment.

Below are some videos of events that happened at the Pousada Alto Vidigal, the reason for the quarrel between the two foreign entrepreneurs.


The austrian owner tells the story of the pousada and how he started it… he mentions that he bought it from a german guy.

A party at the Pousada



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