A place in the sun, an interesting Brazilian documentary about penthouse residents… with english subtitles

I found on Reddit the other day, this very interesting Brazilian documentary that covers the universe of the residents of penthouses in the cities of Recife, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The director gained access to the residents of these penthouses through a curious book that maps the elite and influential people of the Brazilian society. In the book, 125 penthouse owners are cataloged, but of these, only 9 gave interviews. Through the testimonies of the residents, the film brings a rich debate about desire, visibility, insecurity, power and status, and shows a little bit of the Brazilian social and architectural paradigm.

A few parts of the movie specially raised my attention… at 7:45 and as a resident said that he doesn’t even know if his place is worth any money, as the elevator goes up you can see how close to the ocean the apartments are in Boa Viagem, Recife. In that area it’s common that the underground garages of these buildings flood during the high tide.

Another interesting part is the carioca woman that talks about the daily “fireworks” that they see from her apartment. These “fireworks” are really stray bullets from the drug dealers wars at the Dona Marta favela in Rio. The Dona Marta is now a pacified favela, with police occupation, but how long is the police going to be there?