Meet Cláudio Henrique, just one of the Brazilian Barack Obamas

Claudio Barack, as he defines himself, had the dream of being the first black mayor of Belford Roxo (RJ) in 2008, the year that the black leader came to power in the USA. With the slogan “you can change history,” the candidate Cláudio Henrique Barack Obama received 30,000 votes and won third place at this city of 500 thousand people at the metropolitan area of Rio.


Alzirao, the popular World Cup street party in Rio

The Alzirao is at Tijuca, Rio's North Zone.

The Alzirao Crowd in Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro.

If you want to escape the gringos and watch the World Cup games as a Brazilian and experience the Brazilian vibe, a group of friends ensures that there will be plenty of space in Rio de Janeiro. This group of friends has put together a space to watch the World Cup games for free at the so called Alzirão in Tijuca, north zone of Rio, where a popular party for up to 30 thousand people happens since 1978.


Funny Jeitinho Carioca videos at the World Cup

Jeitinho Carioca Shit Cariocas Say

Jeitinho Carioca Shit Cariocas Say.

The Jeitinho Carioca (or “Shit Cariocas Say”) is a video series that shows the typical mannerisms and ways of living life in the Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvelous City), the Rio de Janeiro. The first video was based on “Shit New Yorkers Say”, as being characteristic of each city. The first two videos have resulted in a series of videos that mock the “carioca” way of living but their World Cup videos with the throngs of foreigners invading Brazil are hilarious.