Thinking about opening a company in Brazil?! Think again. Brazilian companies are the ones that work the most to pay taxes

Brazil is the country of the world in which companies need to work more hours to pay taxes, according to a World Bank study. According to the ranking, the average company has to work 2600 hours to pay taxes, putting the country in the 183th position in the world ranking – the last place.

On average, companies in Latin America and the Caribbean have to work 503 hours to pay taxes in the region. Latin countries best placed in the survey are Belize and Colombia, where companies spend 147 and 208 working hours on payment.

The text also points out that the Receita Federal(IRS) is internationally recognized for having excellent technical skills and good performance indicators, and is considered modern. I would have to disagree with this one. They might have great processies for getting money but they make your life miserable to get anything done with them. Try to go to a Receita Federal on any week day. Prepare to lose your day there.

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