President Dilma in her speech said nothing by talking a lot. Get the brazilian guide to writing your “empty speech”.

From the 10 minutes long speech there was not one single phrase that people will remember later. And not one proposal which people could say: “Thats a good idea right there!” President Dilma in her public statement about the protests taking place across the country spoke on political reform – her predecessors also spoke about that. Noone did. Waved with 100% of royalties from the pre-salt oil for education. For over a year she has been trying to make this proposal happen. And assured importing foreign doctors, project cherished by the Minister of Health for months now.

The President promised to meet with governors and mayors to set a formula to follow the main CLAIMS from the “voice of the streets.” She announced her willingness to receive the leaders of the demonstrations in private hearings. But that will be very hard to identify them. One of the strong points of the current protests is the absence of leaders.

Who mistakenly hoped that the speech of the President would bring solution to “all that is there” must be a bit disappointed. Especially because the solution to “all that is there” just does not fit the president or the federal government only … The solution to “all that is there” must pass by governors and mayors and their secretariats, ministries, etc… Pass by Congress, but also by legislatures and the city councils. And make more than 1,000 politicians understand and act on behalf of the country and not for their own benefit is NOT an easy task in Brazil.

President Dilma did not have the courage to confront the Congress to vote on priorities and using many words in a speech full of flourishes, just talked a lot and said absolutely nothing.

This a brazilian portuguese guide for politicians: saying nothing by talking a lot.

This a brazilian portuguese guide for politicians: saying nothing by talking a lot. Just get a phrase from column A, match it any line of Column B, then any line on Column C and D. That’s a perfect phrase for meaning absolutely nothing in a very fancy way.