Brazilian neo nazi arrested and video of the operation is posted online. Watch the video here.

A neo-Nazi Brazilian skinhead accused of stabbing a homosexual couple and suspected of assaulting a homeless man in Belo Horizonte – MG, was arrested on Tuesday in Americana, a town 126 km away from the state capital. The young man was recognized by staff at a hotel where he was staying, due to the impact of the cases of racism that he is related to.

The arrest occurred in the city’s bus station during a special operation of the Civil Police of Minas Gerais, which was supported by local municipal guard. He was arrested in the company of his girlfriend and with him were seized three knives, a machete and brass knuckles.

This is the image that was posted on his online profile and that started the case

The boy was being monitored by police since last Thursday, when he came to town to visit his girlfriend who lives there. After being involved in a trouble situation with a hotel staff, he moved to another facility, last Friday. But a receptionist suspected behavior of the guest and by checking his name on the internet, found the controversies related to him.

The police filmed the action and posted online.



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