Highlighted information about Brazil

A selection of our best and timeless relevant information about Business, Real Estate and the economic scenario in Brazil. These articles were posted along the way but they are relevant and may get updated often with current information on the subject.

Economic Information - highlighted

Taxes make everything expensive in Brazil

highlighted - women

Mulher Melancia is back with a new video!

Economic Information - highlighted

Improvised ferries to improve transportation for the World Cup in Rio's airport. But what happens after the event?

Economic Information - highlighted

Fitness craze in Brazil makes supplement products a good business

highlighted - News

David Beckham buys property at slum in Rio

highlighted - Religion

Amazing surgeries performed at Brazilian churches can heal you from heart problems and other illnesses

brazilian memes - highlighted

Brazilian truckers record risky tricks to show off online

highlighted - oil-gas

For the best business of your life, do business with a Brazilian politician

highlighted - Real Estate

Properties for rent on the World Cup on the verge of madness

Entertainment - highlighted

School bus brings drunk people home in Brazil or new type of slide for adults? Hilarious!

highlighted - Politics

No end in sight for Brazil and United States visa waiver agreement

crime - highlighted

The social media capital of the world never ceases to amaze: inmates in Brazil post to Facebook from inside the jail

highlighted - News - oil-gas

Libra auction in Brazil: oil field sold for a bargain

highlighted - News

Glenn Greenwald, american reporter that revealed U.S. program to monitor the Internet lives in Rio

Entertainment - highlighted

"I cried ink for 2 days", Brazilian artist tattoos his eyeballs

Carnival - highlighted - video

Video that made it to TruTv shows a sad side of brazilian carnival

highlighted - Politics

A female senator aide rises to fame in Brazilian politics, but because of her body attributes

highlighted - Real Estate

New real estate project starting at 45.000 USD to be launched in Sao Pedro da Aldeia, the booming north of Rio

Economic Information - highlighted

Lack of skilled labor to operate pre-salt oil rigs in Brazil, and new policies to grant work visas for foreigners

Economic Information - highlighted - Investment Opportunities

A Brazil full of (shale) gas

Economic Information - highlighted

Lots of money available in Brazil for the pre-salt area oil exploration: the country needs equipment and skilled manpower

highlighted - Investment Opportunities - Real Estate

Expanding Itaguaí is new darling of the brazilian property market: hotspot to buy now!

Economic Information - highlighted

A hedge fund run by a brazilian in Rio, of all places

highlighted - Investment Opportunities

Ponta Grossa region, in the Paraná state, yet another good area for investments

highlighted - Investment Opportunities

Investments of R$ 12 billion transform small Três Lagoas in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul


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