Paragliding video becomes a sensation in Brazil

A salesman in  Brazil came to Rio two weeks ago to participate in a test run, but it was with his feet far from the ground that he became famous on the internet. During the paragliding flight, him and the instructor were for about four minutes inside a cloud, without any visibility. Despite the struggle, the person ensures he has not been traumatized.

The video of the 13 minutes flight was seen by nearly 300,000 people in three days. The scenes show the anguish and despair of the instructor, when he realized the situation. The two jump from Pedra Bonita in São Conrado. After a quiet start, entering a cloud: “Shit, now it’s closed,” says the seller. Gusts of wind cause the instructors hat to fall back often. The instructor also appears throughout the video dropping the controls the glider several times. They pray together during the video while inside the cloud.