Research: living in Brazil is a dream for many foreigners. But do they all know it has a price? A high price.

Brazil is one of the 12 most desirable countries to live, according to a series of surveys conducted in 65 countries by WIN – Collective of Leading Research Institutes in the World – and tabulated by Estadão Data, on an article published today on Agência Estado. According to the article, economic growth in the last decade, combined with good cultural image of the country abroad, meant that Brazil was cited as a dream destination for residents of two out of three countries where the study was done.

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In the list of the most coveted destinations for those who are not happy in their homeland, Brazil is the only Latin American country, the only BRIC ( group formed by Brazil, Russia, India and China) and the only development Western nation. The research was conducted late last year and heard more than 66 thousand people around the globe.

They were asked if they wanted to live abroad if, hypothetically, had no problems with moving or visas and what location they would choose. If this desire turned reality, Brazil would receive around 78 million immigrants in this hypothetical scenario. But in a world without borders, the country’s population would decrease – 94 million Brazilians would move to other nations, if they could. Still, 53 % of Brazilians would not emigrate, percent above the global average.

Very interesting research shows exactly what I would imagine: brazilians want out, gringos want in!