Expensive prices in Brazil carnival

According to a recent article in the Valor Economico newspaper ( http://www.valor.com.br/brasil/3005220/hotel-caro-e-maior-critica-de-turista-estrangeiro-ao-carnaval-do-rio ), the high cost of accommodation in Rio de Janeiro was elected as the main negative point for foreign tourists who spent the Carnival in Brazil this year. According to the research published by the newspaper, when asked about the main drawbacks of the city, more than a third of respondents (38%) quoted prices for lodging. The hotels were the preferred means of accommodation of respondents, with the option of 72% of the total, followed by rented apartments (14%), friends’ homes (10%) and lodging homes (4%).

Tourists also spoke bad of urban planning services, infrastructure and logistics. The same survey showed that the second negative point most remembered among those surveyed was the dirtiness of the city (25% of respondents), followed by taxi services (18%) and terminal arrival in the capital, such as airports and seaports.

Tourists who arrived at the port in more than 12 transatlantic ships had difficulty getting taxis to travel to the south zone of the city. People that were trying to leave the Sambadrome also faced problems. A table prepared by the city was disrespected even by officials of the transportation department. The city unveiled a scheme in which the prices of races between the Sambadrome and the neighborhoods were previously defined but officials counseled clients that the choice between the official prices and the taximeter prices was the customers choice.

According to a report in the SBT, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador are the most expensive places: http://www.sbt.com.br/jornalismo/noticias/29527/Rio-de-Janeiro-e-Salvador-sao-os-lugares-mais-caros-no-Carnaval.html. A video available at the link above shows how expensive it is to spend a season in Brazil).

An American friend went to Carnival in Florianópolis was amazed at the prices, in addition to the bus attacks occurring in Santa Catarina during his time there, the robberies occurred everywhere he visited: a water bottle in the airport was R$ 6, lunch was R$ 50, a large pizza was R$ 40 …. the result: he returned home a week earlier than expected.