Beware when buying tickets for the World Cup: storm of phishing and malware attacks using the World Cup theme is stronger than ever

The storm of phishing and malware attacks using the theme of the World Cup continues in Brazil – some months ago Kaspersky Lab registered several malicious campaigns with this theme, and now to diversify the attacks and attract more victims, Brazilian cybercriminals decided to invest their efforts to spread fake giveaways and fraudulent websites selling tickets for the games at very low prices, tickets that in fact do not exist.

fake tickets to Brazil World Cup

The attacks start when a user does a simple search on Google, looking for websites selling World Cup tickets. Bad guys registered the fraudulent domain that is displayed among the first results as a sponsored link. According to the article on Kaspersky Lab’s Securelist blog, the fraudulent website offers tickets for Brazil’s games at the price $ 70,00 but not all phishing attacks have so obvious giveaways. Phishing messages with fraudulent promos are getting common as well – some offering free tickets, cash, or even free travel.

To read the full article, go to Securelist.



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