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Pedro Scooby, brazilian surfer, debuts Brazilian colors wetsuit

In the year of the World Cup in Brazil, the big wave surfer Pedro Scooby does not want to miss the cheering for Brazil even as he rides the “barrels” around the world. After a season where he surfed the biggest wave of the year, with almost 28 meters high, the brazilian surfer made ​​a [...]


Surfing trying to become an Olympic sport

Aiming to make surfing an Olympic sport, business and industry leaders met yesterday in Brasilia with the Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo, to discuss the campaign “Surf 2016″. The group’s intention is that surfing earns presentation status and becomes the official candidate to enter the program of the Olympic Games. As a result of the meeting, [...]


Where to stay and surf in Brazil

Brazil is increasingly becoming a great destination for surfing enthusiasts, especially with a number of surf camps opening around the country. Beaches are in abundance here, the conditions are ideal and the surf culture amongst you…