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Brazil needs step up its game in math teaching at school. When students get to college for engineering, they end up dropping out

The traditional career, the promise of high demand in the market and – especially – high wages. Seen as “the profession of the future”, the Engineering area has attracted thousands of Brazilian students to classrooms. But attracts even those students who do not exactly have a vocation or taste for Exact science subjects, but seek [...]


Do you know Brazil’s public condom dispensers?

Brazilian nurses created an alternative condom dispenser that caught the attention of the Ministry of Health. The dispenser itself was adapted in the cardboard packaging where the condoms come in and serves as deposit for the box of condoms. The dispenser is supplied by the State Department of Health and distributed to the Basic Health [...]


Education for foreigners in Brazil

In addition to the scholarship programs of institutions linked to the Brazilian government, foreign students can opt for private schools or public and bear the costs of courses and housing. To attract this audience, some teaching centers have specific programs, with classes taught in English. Aliens who have interest in investing in training in Brazil [...]