June, 9th, 2013
What we are now…
Very little available time hasn’t been helping us in updating this website. So we passed the torch to a new friend, who prefers to identify himself as Adam Gink. Our good friend Adam took over and will be on the front lines of this website for an indefinite time and will post from time to time as he finds time from his busy routine working in the Brazilian Amazon. Adam has no problem saying whatever goes on in his mind… and gives us a hint… expect awesomeness!

What we have been…
The Locals of Brazil is an informal blog about Brazil, focusing on investments and the economy, real estate, culture, and other aspects appealing to foreigners interested in this country. We are not associated with any other brand and the opinions expressed in this blog are our own.

Brazil is a huge and amazing country that finally seems to have found its place in the world. This is a special moment for this country and there are opportunities in every place you look. Not that it wasn’t important in the world before, but it was overlooked. Brazil always had great natural resources but we never took advantage of it. Now the world has realized our importance and are looking at us as a big player for every market.

We will talk about real estate opportunities, doing business, tourism, the cultural aspects and interesting facts about Brazil and show a little bit of our experience on what you can do here, how to do it, how not to get burned and try to bring new opportunities for Brazilian and foreigners looking to invest, move or retire here.

Joe Conno is our new partner in creating content for this blog. He has lived in Brazil and has made some good investments there in the 2000s. Now he only goes there to collect the money and spend some!

Before 2010…
This was once a blog by an american girl livng in the northeast of Brazil. They were forced to return to the US.

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