Meet the new Maria UPP and the Brazilian Marias: gasolina, chuteira, tatame,… only in Brazil

A military officer was already arrested accused of having sexual relations with the “Maria UPP” during work hours. UPPs mean Unidade de Polícia Pacificadora, something like Pacifying Police Units that were created on Brazilian favelas to get rid of the drug dealers at the slums. The woman is known to the corporation for visiting the pacified communities during the night to have sex with police officers, as the report published in newspaper Meia Hora last Sunday.


When the military police goes on strike at the World Cup(and it will happen) you better run and hide.

The strike of the Military Police made ​​the people in Bahia anticipate the routine of empty streets of the holidays. On Wednesday, colleges and schools suspended classes, shops and shopping centers were closed and buses were collected at garages in the late afternoon. Rumors of mass muggings and stores getting looted were also recorded, with 34 people getting arrested.


The World Cup – a great illusion prepared for gringos. The story of the Danish journalist who refused to cover the World Cup.

We could not fail to mention the story of Mikkel Jensen, the Danish journalist who wanted to cover the World Cup in Brazil, the “country of the football(soccer)” and now his story is all over Brazilian newspapers and social media. He prepared himself well: he studied Portuguese, researched the country and came here in September 2013 with the mission of besides showing the beautiful side, getting to knowing the poor side of the country that will host the World Cup.


Taxes make everything expensive in Brazil

The long queues that formed outside the Forever 21 department store at its recent opening in Brazil show the problem: brazilian want to pay cheaper for their products. It is unclear if the very attractive prices that the retailer is doing in the Brazilian market will sustain themselves, but the arrival of the brand gave rise to a dispute. Why do brazilians pay so much for clothes and other items?

Share turns 10! Congratulations!

The website that inspired this blog is turning 10 years old! Congratulations to for inspiring The Locals of Brazil back in 2007. It was the website that inspired Max and Tanya to name this blog about Brazil. The idea to write about Brazil in english for foreign readers and tourists took off real quick, and the idea for the title came indeed from The Locals of Brazil never had the intention of being as successful or as big as The Local Europe(now a franchise of European news websites in English) but instead be more of a blog about Brazilian way of life, economy, real estate and the most interesting facts to all europeans(mostly) that were going to Brazil to invest or at tourism at the time.


Improvised ferries to improve transportation for the World Cup in Rio’s airport. But what happens after the event?

With less than two months before the opening of the World Cup, the state government of Rio de Janeiro is racing against time to ensure greater mobility to thousands of athletes and tourists who will come to Rio de Janeiro. But the proposal to connect by ferries, the Tom Jobim International Airport (Galeão), on Ilha do Governador, to downtown Rio is in reality an improvisation act. The measure would create an alternative route for those arriving or leaving the airport. Today access is basically done by the Linha Vermelha, a highly congested and dangerous road with constant robberies.