Three interesting Brazilian real estate news

Brazilian government creates unified record for buying and selling property

The Ministry of Finance explained that the Provisional Measure 656, published on Wednesday, October 8, in the Diário Oficial, created the concentration of the acts of enrollment for homeowners.
According to the Executive Secretary of the Brazilian Ministry of Finance, all property buying and selling information will have a single registration, similar to the National Registry of Motor Vehicles known as Renavam. With the measure, the Brazilian government hopes to increase the legal certainty for business, less red tape for buying and selling and to facilitate the provision of credit in the country.


Micro apartments in downtown São Paulo, an option for those that need to be close to work

The blueprints of the micro apartments located in downtown Sao Paulo.The estimated price of the square meter in the building Downtown São Luis is 15 thousand Reais. A little bit higher than the price per square meter in downtown São Paulo. The price of the apartment is in the range of 270 thousand dollars considering that the property is only 18 square meters – about 193 square feet!


Meet Cláudio Henrique, just one of the Brazilian Barack Obamas

Claudio Barack, as he defines himself, had the dream of being the first black mayor of Belford Roxo (RJ) in 2008, the year that the black leader came to power in the USA. With the slogan “you can change history,” the candidate Cláudio Henrique Barack Obama received 30,000 votes and won third place at this city of 500 thousand people at the metropolitan area of Rio.